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Letter of Rostekhnadzor dated 11.10.2018 No. 00-07-06 / 1630

Rostekhnadzor published a letter according to which the working group created by Rostechnadzor to study the implementation of the Rules for organizing the safe use and maintenance of lifts, lifting platforms for disabled people, passenger conveyors (moving walkways) and escalators, with the exception of escalators in subways, on the results of proposals received from manufacturers of lifts, considered:
  • a proposal for the manufacturer to add information about the modernization to the passport of lift and to indicate information on items not subjected to replacement;
  • an approximate version of a declaration when upgrading lift (replacing with the retaining guides that have completed the designated service life of the lift). According to the results of consideration, a decision was made on the possibility of using and using these forms in the work.
At the same time, the proposed solutions are recommended and voluntary for use, do not cancel other design options, passports of replaced (modernized) lifts and declarations, taking into account their compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union "Safety of lifts".